The time Charly García attacked Björk in Argentina

Although the altercation between the Argentine Charly García and the Icelandic Björk occurred in 2007, the details were not known until years later.

Charly Garcia (Left) Björk (Right)

Charly García and Björk are two music legends in their own genres and countries . The Argentine is considered one of the most important musicians in Latin America and the most influential on the continent. For her part, the Icelandic is reputed to be one of the most innovative and exciting artists of her generation.

However, when two icons come together, conflict can also arise. That is precisely what happened between the two musicians, who met in the 2000s and the Argentine lost his patience and surprised Björk with his actions.

What happened between Charly García and Björk?

In the book, different stories are told that make clear the kind of artist and person that the legendary Argentine musician is. Thus, one of this tells of the altercation that took place that year between the musicians and how Charly lost control and became enraged.

The story is told by a fairly close source. This is Fernando Kabusacki, a member of García’s staff, who was there at the time that everything happened. As he points out in the book, everything happened after Björk played at the Grand Rex Theater in Argentina.

Apparently, Charly was a huge fan of the artist and “ he had gotten into it that he wanted to play with her, do something,” according to Kabusacki. After the end of the show, Charly García went with his team to the bar where Björk was supposed to be.

However, the singer did not appear and stayed in her dressing room. A few hours later, the artist wanted to go out to eat and the Argentines were part of the guests who would accompany her on the evening. Thus, a long table was set up where everyone would share.

How did the conflict start?

It was already about three in the morning. Björk goal to talk to the Icelandic woman next to her and Charly in front of her looking at her, trying to get her attention and Björk didn’t give her a ball, ” said Kabusacki. Thus, he added that soon the Argentine lost his patience when he was ignored.

Apparently, Charly would have spoken directly to the artist and said: “I have perfect pitch.” Björk would have reacted without much interest and just replied, ‘Oh, really?’ After this, Charly lost his patience and with a knife he broke the glass of champagne that Björk was holding .

“You don’t even reach my heels,” Charly Garcia would have said to Björk after her act. After this, the artist would have been paralyzed without knowing what to do or how to respond to the Argentine’s action. Kabusacki apologized and security quickly arrived, so they had to leave.

Just days later, Björk was playing in Chile at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium. For this reason, multiple Chilean media quickly reported the curious story and the excitement of seeing the acclaimed artist set foot on Chilean soil increased.

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