Julia Jacklin and RVG Cover Björk’s “Army of Me”

Julia Jacklin and RVG, photo by Jacob Diamond

Julia Jacklin and Australia’s RVG collaborated to record a dreamy and breezy cover of Björk’s “Army of Me”

In a statement about the collab, Jacklin said: “I just love Bjork and I love RVG. I was running on a treadmill which I don’t do very often and I was listening to ‘Army of Me’ over and over again to make me feel stronger than I am. Then I thought why not try and cover this song with another artist that makes me feel stronger than I am and I did! Was a good musical punch in the face to wake me up from a year of living a very small quiet life. RVG are one of my favourite bands in the whole world and it was just a real blessing to spend some time with them making music.”

Romy Vager from RVG added, “We adore Julia’s music and were thrilled when she asked us to do a precious Björk song with her. I think we all wanted to challenge ourselves a bit and do things we haven’t done before in a studio, while at the same time just having fun and letting ourselves be as intuitive as possible.”

Listen to the cover below.

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