Are We Getting Closer To A New Björk Album?

Jake Miller (Sound Engineer) has worked with Björk previously.

First of all, let’s make it clear that this is pure speculation. That being said, it is reported on Jake Miller’s official website, that the sound engineer is working on Björk’s “To Be Announced” project. Miller has been collaborating with Björk since 2018 and he took part of Cornucopia team, designing its 360º sound. Among his projects we can find “KiCk i” by Arca, of which he has engineered some selected tracks.

Also back in 2018, Björk recorded at the Black Rock Studio in Greece, and last year a song called “Hymn” was registered on ASCAP but has yet to be released. In a June 2020 interview with the Icelandic publication ‘Fréttablaðið’, Björk had said that “There will be no new album this year, but maybe it will be ready next, I dare not promise anything. But aim for 2021 or 2022.”

ASCAP info for new track “Hymn”

One would think it may be more likely to happen in 2022, due to the Orkestral shows in Reykjavik coming this August/September and the fact that she prefers, like most artists, they want to go on tour immediately after a record release and due to Covid-19, there are still many travel restrictions and not nearly enough people vaccinated yet worldwide. Having said that, we do have reason to believe that word on a official record release could come to fruition within the next six months, but I wouldn’t count on an actual release till early 2022.